What is "Dar al Janub"?
Short Briefing: Goals and Activities of Dar al Janub

The Austrian NGO "Dar al Janub - Union for Antiracism and Peace Policy" was founded in October 2003 by Austrian, Turkish and Arab students.
Its main goals are to push forward the authentic understanding of the developments in the southern countries (so-called "Third World Countries") and particularly with regard to the Arab World, to inform the European public, about the humanitarian and political reality there, and above all in Palestine.
Therefore the goal is to improve the relation between Europe and the Arab world, by analysing and criticizing the colonial attitude of Europe.
Regarding the European history of colonialism and the current relation between Europe and the Arabic world, the association mainly focuses to overcome this cleavage relation and create an atmosphere of real dialogue on equal eye-level.

We consider as necessary to show the authentic viewpoint of the Palestinians in Europe. The unconsciousness of the backgrounds and reasons about the conflict in Palestine, the extent of the public desensitisation because of the warped and fragmentary reporting and the medial underrepresented fate of the Palestinian People, especially the Palestinian refugees induce a contradictory situation:
The European Union appears currently as an international force, which is in principal also respected as neutral and objective on the part of the Arabic side, but at the same time there are big gaps within the European public and the European foreign policy as for the knowledge of the Palestinian Society.
Dar al Janub sees its main field of work to fill this gaps within the European society.
The developments in Palestine are strongly influencing our work. Dar al Janub is trying with his work to give a contribution to ensure and push forward the legitimate rights of the Palestinians, especially the right for an independent state and the right for return for the Palestinian refugees.
On the other side we also want to give a contribution to the participation and political empowerment of immigrants (mainly of Arab origin) in Austria.

The work of Dar al Janub includes a broad spectrum:
Cooperation with other NGOs and institutions, conferences, exhibitions, cultural events talking with and connecting politicians, decision makers and scientists, launching petitions, publishing scientific analyses, writing articles, publishing books and the journal "Perspektive Sued", sharing manifestations,…

Examples of Activities refering peace policy and the Arab world

November 2014

Three-day symposium: "Reclaiming Palestine - Empowering the Marginalized - The Social and Economical Reconstruction of Palestinian Society under Foreign Occupation


  • Abdull Jabar Khalili (An-Najah National University, Palestine)
  • Adnan Odeh (SCCS, Projectmanager)
  • Helga Baumgarten (Birzeit University, Palestine)
  • Muzan Shoqa (Nablus, Palestine)
  • Tanja Mikolasch (volunteer in Nablus, Wien)

Photo: Adnan Odeh


Project “The Palestinian Women Economic & Cultural Empowerment's project in the Governorate of Nablus”

sponsored by OFID


October 2011

Three-day symposium: "Remapping Palestine - Historical and Geographical Developments, Contemporary Implications and Prospects in the Middle East Conflic"



  • Salman Abu Sitta - Former member of Palestine National Council, Researcher on refugee affairs and author of over 200 papers on the subject, Director of international development and construction projects, Founder and President of the Palestine Land Society (PLS), General coordinator of the Al-Awda: The Palestinian Right to Return Coalition
  • Joseph Massad - Professor of Modern Arab Politics and Intellectual History in the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies at Columbia University
  • Ilan Pappe - Israeli historian and socialist activist. He is a professor with the College of Social Sciences and International Studies at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, director of the university's European Centre for Palestine Studies, and co-director of the Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies
  • Annette Groth - member of the Left party ("Die Linke"), member of the AK European integration, the BAG peace and international politics and active in the European Left Party to the feminist structures, "EL-Fem". Also member of the Forum of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation of Baden-Wuerttembergs
  • Viktoria Waltz - Expert in Spatial Planning, Germany
  • Fawaz Hammad - Lecturer for Health Economics at the Arab American University Jenin/Palestine
  • Ali Hweidi - General secretary of the Palestinian NGO "Thabit", Lebanon
  • Umar al-Ghubari - member of "Zochrot", an Israeli non-profit organization founded in 2002, based in Tel Aviv
  • Anthony Löwstedt - Assistant Professor and Research Faculty, Webster Vienna

Photo: (from left to right): Viktoria Waltz, Annette Groth, Oliver Hashemizadeh, Ali Hweidi, Fawaz Hammad


June 2010

Panel discussion in the context of project “Open Sesame!”:

Racism: Social structures, scientific constructs and political practice - a dialog from different perspectives


  • Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur - Institute for Political Science - University of Vienna
  • Gabriele Dietze – Institute for cultural studies, Berlin
  • Hossam Shaker - Journalist and author

Photo: Hossam Shaker, Gabriele Dietze, Araba Johnston-Arthur


March, April, June 2010

Project "Open Sesame!", grant aided by the Municipal Department 17 for Diversity and Integration of the City of Vienna. The main aspect of this project is the interaction between migrants and non-migrants in Vienna, to come to know each other and learn more about "the others".

Activities among others:

- Historical Sightseeing tours in Vienna, history of migration, racial exclusion and discrimination, historical places of colonial past.

- Meetings and cultural activities

- workshops


January 2010

Searching Palestine

"Gaza 2010 - Reports, expertises, analysis: One year after the Israeli attack on Gaza strip"

Panel discussion


  • Dr. Helga Baumgarten – Writer, political scientist, University of Birzeit/Ramallah
  • Hadeel Ghazzawi – Nutrionist, University of Vienna
  • MSP Pauline McNeill - Member of Scottish Parliament, member of a delegation to Gaza, Glasgow
  • Dr. Muneer Deeb – Chairperson of PalMed Germany, Surgeon, Kassel Hospital
  • Erwin Lanc – Former Austrian Home Secretary, Honorary President of the International Institute for Peace, Vienna
  • Live connections, interviews and video messages from the Gaza strip and the West Bank (inter alia Maryam Saleh – Palestinian parliamentary deputy)

Details and video message from Maryam Saleh »

Video message from Maryam Saleh


May 2009

Joining "Hope Convoy" - Part of The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza - an humanitarian Convoy of Trucks trying to pass through Rafah/Egypt

An exhibition about Palestinian diaspora, historical information about the Nakba, the project of Palestinian woman in Lebanon, the humanitaria


March 2009

Excursion to Palestine - Westbank and Israel

Meeting with Osama Hamdan

Visting Israel's Palestinian community in Um El-Fahem, the Palestinian Refugee Camp in Jenin, the University of Birzeit, ...

Among others we met Raed Fati, Director of Islamic Center in Um El-Fahem, Dr. Fawaz Hammad, Director of Al-Razi Hospital in Jenin, Mariam Saleh, Member of Palestinian Legislative Council, Sheikh Hamid al-Bitawi.

We also tried to enter Gaza-Strip via Checkpoint Erez and negotiated unsuccessfully with officials of the Austrian representation in Ramallah to assist.


December 2008

"The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" - A Lecture by Dr. Ilan Pappe and Dr. Roger Heacock


  • Dr. Ilan Pappe - professor of history at the University of Exeter in the UK
  • Dr. Roger Heacock - Professor of History in University of Birzeit


April 2008

Searching Palestine

“Cultur in Exil” - Exhibition, lectures, panel discussion

An exhibition about Palestinian diaspora, historical information about the Nakba, the project of Palestinian woman in Lebanon, the humanitarian situation and the meaning of Palestinian culture in exil.


  • Dr.Daud Abdullah - Deputy Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain
  • Dr. Andrea Komlosy - Professor of Economic & Social History, University of Vienna
  • MEP Dr.Hannes Swoboda - Social Democratic Party of Austria
  • Dr. Ali Hweidi - secretary general of the Palestinian NGO “Thabit”
  • Anas Shakfeh - President of Muslim Community in Austria
  • Fritz Edlinger - Society For Austrian Arab Relationship
  • Paula Abrams-Hourani - Jewish Voice for Peace Vienna and Women in Black Vienna
  • Marwan Abado - Musician

Details: Palestinian Woman Center for Embroidery and Handicrafts - A Project of Thabit »


September 2007

Lecture “The Situation in the Palestinian Refugee Camp Naher el Bared” humanitarian situation and political valiation of the developments in Lebanon

Lecture by Dr. Ali Hweidi - secretary general of the Palestinian NGO “Palestinian Organization for the Right of Return”


March 2007

Bridges to Palestine - Dr. Ahmed al Kurd via Telephone Conference

Symposium „Bridges to Palestine” – On the Humanitarian And Political Situation After The Imposed Sanctions On The Palestinian People.
More than one year after the imposed sanctions against Palestinian people the humanitarian situation in Palestine is disastrous. The USA and European Union blocked all humanitarian aid and implemented a collective punishment against all Palestinians because of their democratic choice. While Israel continued its policy of occupation, committed humanitarian crimes, killed innocent people the USA and European Union demanded at the same time to recognize the politics of a state that is constantly breaking international law. The continuation of the policy of boycott is targeting the Palestinian people and undermines the institutions of civil society which stands by its side. Palestinians still have hope that European Union will change its policy and pursue another course than the USA. In the focus of the symposium "Bridges to Palestine" were possible new perspectives and ways of development cooperation with the Palestinian society, which should open new ways of dialogue between European Union and Palestine and by this not letting the Palestinians be isolated behind walls.


  • Dr. Ali Hweidi - secretary general of the Palestinian NGO “Palestinian Organization for the Right of Return”
  • Dr. Ahmed al Kord (via Telephone conference) - Major of Deir al Balah, Gaza strip
  • Dr. Helga Baumgarten - Professor of Political Science in University of Birzeit
  • Ramzy Baroud - Author, Editor of Palestine Chronicle, member of Palestinian Return Center

Gleanings: Report of the Symposium "Bridges to Palestine"  »


December 2006

"Imagine Palestine …." - presentation of Palestinian cities.
The idea of this project is to give an impression about the historical, cultural, agricultural, economical development in Palestine. The first represented city was Bethlehem, a city with a special meaning for all world religions. During the presentation of Bethlehem also the problem of the occupation and the building of the Wall was exposed. Future planned city-presentations are Gaza and Ramallah.


November 2006

Colloquium “A Society behind Bars – The Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Jails”
about the humanitarian situation of Palestinian prisoners


April 2006-June 2007

Project “Palestine – Development Behind Walls”, grant aided by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). The main aspect of this project is to picture Palestine - the development inside Palestine and in the Palestinian Refugee camps, the political and social aspects of the Palestinian question - within Austrian society and show the authentic viewpoint of Palestinians to the European public.


April 2006

Searching Palestine –
Continuity, end or new beginning of the relations between the European Union and Palestine after the governmental change

Searching Palestine

Considering the authentic presentation of the present political reality in Palestine and respecting the situation, the demands and the rights of the Palestinian refugees is a must to define the responsibilities of the European Union for an active and just peace and development policy regarding the Palestinian people. In the frame of the democratic change of government in Palestine in the conference the question was discussed which tasks the European Union can take in the dialogue with the Palestinian Institutions, acknowledging the rights of the Palestinians and therefore give a contribution to the stabilization of the region and the creation of an independent Palestinian state.


  • MEP Dr. Hannes Swoboda - Member of European Parliament
  • His excellency Dr. Zuhair al Wazir - Ambassador of Palestine in Austria
  • Dr. Ali Ahmed Hweidi - Palestinian Return Center
  • Mag. Gerhard Pulfer - Austrian Development Agency
  • Fritz Edlinger - Society For Austrian Arab Relationship

Gleanings: Report of the Symposium "Searching Palestine" (Palestinian Return Center) »


March 2006

"Damals im Heiligen Land" (Once upon a time in the Holy Land)
Lecture of the book about Palestine before Nakba by Klaus Pohlken (Berlin), writer of the book. In Cooperation with the Society for Austrian Arab Relations (www.saar.at)


March 2006

The Right on Water - the monopolization of water resources as part of the dominance over the Arab World
with Dr. Sahar Haridy (University Cairo) and Klaus Polkehn (Journalist), talking about the water problem in Palestine


August 2005

Delegation to the Palestinian Refugee camps in Lebanon
in Cooperation with the Palestinian Return Center, London.

Meeting with Osama Hamdan

Among others we met Sultan Abu Alaynen, representative of PLO in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan, representative of Hamas in Lebanon, Richard Cook, Director of UNRWA in Lebanon, Quassam Aina, Beit Atfal Assumud, and Marwan Faris, Member of Lebanese Parliament.
The experiences, photos and information have been published through several presentation events in Vienna, Linz and Hamburg. The articles and interviews of the delegation are collected in the German language publication. "…and where is Palestine? A delegation to the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon" (ISBN: 3-9502184-0-8)
Related Link: Palestinian Return Center (arabic) (english)


July 2005

The Arab World in the contradictions of present world policy
Orientalism, Globalization and development in the Arab world
Shadows over Lebanon
Dangers, Perspectives and the situation of the Palestinian refugees

Seminars with Prof. Karam Khella


June 2005

The White House and its black dungeons -
Panel Discussion about the systematically torture and violating international law in the worldwide US-war


  • Dr. Yvonne Schmidt - University Graz
  • Dr. Leo Gabriel - Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Vienna
  • Dr. Andrea Plaschke - Psychologist, Klagenfurt


May 2004

Manifestation remembering the anniversary of Al Nakba in Vienna


April 2004

Aidun! Life and hope of the Palestinian refugees


Exhibition and conference in cooperation with the Palestinian Immigrants Union in Vienna (Exhibition from pictures of refugee camps, edited by Palestinian Return Center, London)

Guests among others:

  • Dr. Helga Baumgarten - University of Birzeit
  • Dr. Arafat Madi, Palestinian Return Center, London
  • Dr. Mahmoud Issa, Al-Awda-coalition, Denmark












In addition Dar al Janub is organizing courses for German language for immigrants, courses in Arab language, showing films, organizing cultural events and ceremonies, which should push forward the participation of immigrants and the dialogue between the different cultures living in Austria.

We are pleased to answer any further questions about our NGO or to get in contact

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